How to File Bankruptcy Correctly

There are two ways that you can choose to file bankruptcy. You can choose to file on your own, or you can choose hire a bankruptcy attorney. It is critical that you also take some time to consider why you are filing in the first place. When you are thinking about how to file bankruptcy, think about your current financial situation and any personal assets you have. The Common Reasons People File for Bankruptcy Individuals usually cite several common reasons… Read More >

Why Hiring Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Lawyers Can Benefit You

Are you facing a lot of debt that you are not able to pay off? It does not matter why you are considering filing bankruptcy. Bankruptcy Chapter 7 lawyers are able to guide you during the entire process. The lawyers can help you fill out the right forms and can negotiate with your creditors for you. There are several questions that individuals may have before, during and after the filing, and experienced bankruptcy chapter 7 lawyers will be able to answer… Read More >

Secured Debt Versus Unsecured Debt: Do You Know The Difference?

There are two different types of major debt, secured debt and unsecured debt. If you are trying to prioritize debt or thinking about getting a loan, you will need to understand the difference between secured debt versus unsecured debt.  What Are Secured Debts? Debts that are categorized as secured debts have an asset attached to them that is also known as collateral. A lender will place a lien on the collateral. This lien provides the lender the opportunity to seize… Read More >

Do I Have To File Bankruptcy If I Foreclose?

It is not mandatory that homeowners file for bankruptcy once their home is in the foreclosure process. There are other options that may be available including asking the lender for payment arrangements or taking part in foreclosure mediation. However, some homeowners who ask, “Do I have to file bankruptcy if I foreclose?” may realize that bankruptcy is their best option based on their situation. When homeowners are informed about the options they have, they will be able to make a… Read More >

Understanding Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Rules

Chapter 13 was created to help individuals who are facing a financial crisis and want to keep certain assets. Although filing this Chapter of bankruptcy may be able to prevent a vehicle from being repossessed or a home from being foreclosed, it is important that individuals understand Chapter 13 bankruptcy rules before they file. When a person files Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the automatic stay protects them from creditors. The automatic stay is nothing more than a court order. This court order prohibits… Read More >