Repossession And Bankruptcy: Can You Prevent Your Vehicle From Being Repossessed?

Unfortunately, if you are not up to date with your car payments, the lender has every right to repossess the vehicle at any time without giving you notice. However, if you file for bankruptcy, the repossession may cease and you may even have the opportunity to get your vehicle back. Once you learn more about the different types of bankruptcy, you will have a better understanding of how the combination of repossession and bankruptcy is not the definitive on whether… Read More >

Does Chapter 7 Eliminate Debt?

Many debtors believe that by filing for bankruptcy their debt will be erased. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true. The type of debt the individual has and the chapter of bankruptcy he or she decides to file will be major factors in deciding the type and amount of debt that is erased. These individuals may be particularly interested in Chapter 7 and wonder does Chapter 7 eliminate debt. What Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Chapter 7 bankruptcy was designed to help… Read More >

Does Personal Bankruptcy Affect Business Owners?

If you are a business owner and you are planning to file for bankruptcy, you may be wondering does personal bankruptcy affect business owners. Business owners should discuss their potential Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. There are several factors that you should be aware of before you file for bankruptcy as a business owner. The Factors That Business Owners Must Consider The first thing that business owners should consider is the protection of their businesses. Are… Read More >

Do Not Make Your Financial Situation Worse Than It Has To Be: Hire A Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyer

  Deciding to file bankruptcy is often considered to be a last resort solution to a long standing financial situation. One of the mistakes that is often made by individuals and business owners is waiting too long to file. They use resources that can be better utilized elsewhere while trying to make payments to creditors and keep their businesses operating smoothly. Another mistake is that they often try to file for bankruptcy without hiring a Chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyer. There… Read More >

The Answers to Common Bankruptcy Questions

You should make a decision to file for bankruptcy only after you have considered every other option and you have determined that filing for bankruptcy is the only way to get your finances back on the right track. There are answers to common bankruptcy questions that most debtors look for before making their final decision. However, any questions you have should be answered by an experienced bankruptcy attorney in your area. What Does It Mean To Declare Bankruptcy? When an… Read More >