Do Not Make Your Financial Situation Worse Than It Has To Be: Hire A Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyer

  Deciding to file bankruptcy is often considered to be a last resort solution to a long standing financial situation. One of the mistakes that is often made by individuals and business owners is waiting too long to file. They use resources that can be better utilized elsewhere while trying to make payments to creditors and keep their businesses operating smoothly. Another mistake is that they often try to file for bankruptcy without hiring a Chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyer. There… Read More >

The Answers to Common Bankruptcy Questions

You should make a decision to file for bankruptcy only after you have considered every other option and you have determined that filing for bankruptcy is the only way to get your finances back on the right track. There are answers to common bankruptcy questions that most debtors look for before making their final decision. However, any questions you have should be answered by an experienced bankruptcy attorney in your area. What Does It Mean To Declare Bankruptcy? When an… Read More >

Stopping Foreclosure With Chapter 13 – Is It Possible To Save Your Home By Filing Bankruptcy?

Over the past decade foreclosure rates in America have reached percentages that are close to pandemic levels. Millions of foreclosures have occurred during the past several years. The high levels of foreclosures have been compared to the same numbers that were recorded during the Great Depression. Many homeowners wonder if there is a way to stall or even stop a foreclosure from happening to them. The answers are not as cut and dry as many would like, however, stopping foreclosure… Read More >

Georgia Bankruptcy Laws: What You Should Know Before You File

You may be wondering why you should file bankruptcy. When you decide to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, you have not thrown in the towel on your financial situation. You are simply giving yourself a new financial start. Many residents in Georgia file for bankruptcy every year, and once you are aware of Georgia bankruptcy laws, you will be better prepared during the process. Georgia Bankruptcy Laws Georgia residents should be aware that the recent changes in the bankruptcy… Read More >

What Is Bankruptcy Protection Chapter 13?

Chapter 13, also known as the wage earner plan, is a type of bankruptcy that allows individuals to retain their assets while they are getting out of debt. All chapters of bankruptcy serve individuals and businesses that are overwhelmed by debt. Bankruptcy also protects them from debt collections, wage garnishments and lawsuits during the bankruptcy proceedings. Bankruptcy protection chapter 13 helps you reorganize and repay your debts without creditors harassing you. Understanding Chapter 13 Bankruptcy The federal court can consider… Read More >