find a bankruptcy lawyerMost people do not look for bankruptcy attorneys until they really need their services. It can be very painful realizing that you need to declare bankruptcy, but it can be overwhelming when the time comes to find a bankruptcy lawyer. The good news is that when you utilize the following tips, you will be armed with the information you need to hire an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in your area.

What Is A Bankruptcy Attorney?

A bankruptcy lawyer specializes in bankruptcy law. This means that the lawyer typically only handles bankruptcy cases, but may also work in other areas. These lawyers usually have experience working with clients who have declared bankruptcy.

It is always advised that individuals who need to file for bankruptcy hire a bankruptcy attorney instead of a lawyer who practices general law.

The Different Ways to Find a Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you want to schedule a consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer, you have several options for finding an experienced and qualified bankruptcy attorney.

One of the first options you may want to consider is asking those who are close to you for recommendations. Your family, coworkers and friends may be able to provide you with referrals for reputable lawyers in your area.

Another option that many people do not consider is getting a referral from another attorney. If you have had to hire an attorney for a different matter in the past, ask that lawyer if they can recommend a local bankruptcy attorney.

If you are a part of a legal group plan offered by your employer, or you have a monthly membership for a legal plan, you may want to see if you are covered for bankruptcy. This should be your first source for locating a bankruptcy lawyer.

Your county bar association or state bar association often maintains a referral directory for lawyers. These directories can often be found online. However, many of these associations do not screen to see if the attorneys listed have complaints against them. This means that you should not assume that the attorneys on the lists are competent.

It is never a pleasant experience to declare bankruptcy. However, if you find a bankruptcy lawyer who is qualified and reputable, there is a greater chance your case will be handled appropriately so you can have a new financial start.

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