It can be a scary prospect when you are considering filing for bankruptcy, even if you choose to file voluntarily. There are many different chapters of bankruptcy. And, each chapter has its own rules and requirements. By hiring qualified and experienced lawyers for bankruptcy, the process will be easier for you. Also, you will have the protection you need from creditors.

Unfortunately, there are some inexperienced and unprofessional lawyers in the industry. There are several questions that you should ask to allow you to choose the best lawyer for your situation.

Lawyers For Bankruptcy

What Is Your Fee?

It does not matter what type of attorney you hire, you can expect to pay money. This can be troubling for clients who are already facing financial distress. Some lawyers for bankruptcy bill hourly, but most bankruptcy attorneys will choose a flat fee to represent you.

The fee will include consultations, the preparation, and filing of paperwork and representation during court proceedings. Some of your creditors may try to challenge your bankruptcy. While others may still try to foreclose or repossess your property. Make sure that you understand what services the attorney provides, and that these services meet your needs.

Do You Specialize In Bankruptcy?

Any state-licensed attorney can help you prepare and file the paperwork you need for your bankruptcy case. However, bankruptcy consists of complex laws that are not applicable to other types of law. You need a lawyer who is knowledgeable about bankruptcy so the court can individually assess your case and can provide you with detailed analysis as well as what you should expect. Only hire an attorney who is dedicated to handling bankruptcy cases.

How Do You Communicate With Clients?

Although it is important to find an attorney who is dedicated to handling bankruptcy cases, it is also important to find an attorney who will be dedicated to giving your case the personal attention it deserves. Ask the lawyer how much time they will personally devote to handling your case, and how long will it take for them to return your phone calls and other correspondence.

You will also want to know how often the attorney will update you about your case and how often you can expect the attorney to draft important paperwork.

Asking lawyers for bankruptcy these questions will give you the insight you need to hire the most qualified lawyer for your bankruptcy case. You will also have a higher chance of having a successful resolution to your bankruptcy case.

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